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Hire translators here at mediageneous to help you translate your work from whatever language you want to whatever language you want. We provide you with the option to get your content translated from over 28 languages to over 28 languages. We have freelance translators that have been translating for years and have great experience with it. In addition, mediageneous manually reviews the results of the work the freelancers have done for you to make sure that its up to standards. That’s not all because you also get a free direct anonymous communication with the translator to help you get the best of your money. We have managed to build a team of highly motivated translators that will finish your work in no time. Delays are unheard of here at mediageneous.
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How to hire translators.

Just click on the language that you want your content to be translated from below. You will be taken to the hiring page where you can fill out more information about your content, upload the article to be translated, and then choose the language to translate to. Proceed with payment through your cart. Fill out your billing information, you will then be taken to PayPal where you can complete your payment.

Why Choose MediaGeneous for Translators.

There are so many reasons why mediageneous is the best site to buy website traffic. Some of those reasons are:

What are the translation languages provided by MediaGeneous?

MediaGeneous is a comprehensive translation service provider. We offer a wide range of translation services. This includes a wide range of languages from and to which any language can be translated for you. Some of those languages include;

Hire English translators.

If you need your content to be translated from any language to English or from English to any language, then this is for you. We have seasoned English translators for you. Some are actually native English speakers.

Hire Spanish translators.

You can also hire Spanish translators at mediageneous. For any content that you need to be translated to or from Spanish, we've got you covered. Just click on the link above to go to MillionFormula and start hiring.

Hire Portuguese translators.

Portuguese is another major language that we offer translation for. We have Portuguese translators with years of experience that are just waiting to translate for you.

Hire French translators.

You can also hire french translators at MillionFormula. French is a very widely spoken language not only in France but also outside. There are many people who speak french in Canada and Africa. Hence why it is also available here.

Hire Russian translators.

Russian is a language that is spoken by so many millions of people around the world. This is even outside Russia. Therefore, if you are interested in getting your Russian content translated, then you are at the right place.

Hire Mandarin Chinese translators.

You want your content to be translated for the millions of people in china? Then you are at the right place. You can hire Mandarin Chinese translators at MillionFormula. These are people who are fluent in Mandarin or are native Mandarin speakers.

Hire German translators.

Are you targeting Germans or Austrians? You need anything translated to or from German? Now you can hire German translators for your content at MillionFormula.

Hire Hindi translators.

Hindi is another language you can get translated for you here. We have Hindi translators that you can hire at very affordable prices. The Hindi translators are very experienced, most of them native Hindi speakers and others fluent speakers.

Hire Italian translators.

Hire Italian translators at mediageneous to give your business a boost. Maybe you have a website that you would like to translate to Italian? Then hire an Italian translator at MillionFormula and get going.

Hire Arabic translators.

Arabic is a famous language spoken by millions of people. Mostly it is spoken in the middle east. However, middle east is not the only place where Arabic is spoken. It is spoken in so many other places around the world due to the Islam religion. Therefore, if you are looking for an Arabic translators, then you are at the right place.

Hire Dutch translators.

Dutch is also translated here. We have freelance translators who are either native or fluent dutch speakers for you. Just go to MillionFormula and choose the freelancer who best fits your interests.

Hire Japanese translators.

Japanese is also not left behind. Our services are not limited to just the common languages. We offer translation services even for country specific languages like Japanese.

Hire Javanese translators.

If you need a Javanese translator, then look no farther because we have so many of them. We have a lot of experienced or native Javanese translators waiting for you. Just click on the link above to go and hire them.

Hire Malay translators.

Are you in or targeting Malaysia or Indonesia? Malay is a language spoken in those two countries. If you need a Malay translator, then just click on the link above to proceed.

Hire Greek translators.

Greek is a language spoken in Greece and some parts of Cyprus. If you need to hire a Greek translator, then just click on the link above.

Hire Turkish translators.

Turkish is mainly spoken in Turkey and some areas in Europe and Asia. To hire a Turkish translator just click on the link above.

Hire Korean translators.

You can also hire Korean translators at MediaGeneous. All you need to do is just click the link above and go to MillionFormula.

Hire Polish translators.

If your business is in polish language you too can get translators here. We have freelance polish translators who you can hire to do the job for you.

Hire Romanian translators.

This is a language spoken in Romania and any Romanian people outside Romania. You too are not left out. We have both native and fluent Romanian speakers that you can hire.

Hire kiswahili translators.

Swahili is a language spoken in East Africa. It is spoken in almost 6 countries. It is also the main and official language in Tanzania. In addition to that it is also an official language in Kenya. In addition to the East African languages, there so many other people who speak the language outside East Africa. We have Swahili translators that you can hire.

Hire Bengali translators.

Need something changed into or from Bengali? We have got translators for that. Bengali is a language spoken by lots of people in Bangladesh and some parts of India.

Hire Hungarian translators.

If you are looking for an Hungarian translator, then look no more. We have expert and experienced Hungarian translators for you.

Hire Vietnamese translators.

Vietnamese translation service is also provided here. Just click on the link above.

Hire Tamil translators.

We also have translators who know Tamil. This is a language spoken in south India especially in the Tamil state. It is spoken by around 80 million people. This is not including those in Sri Lanka. If this is what you are looking for, then just click on the link above to hire Tamil translators.

Hire Egyptian Arabic translators.

Egyptian Arabic translation is also provided. We have experienced Egyptian Arabic speakers who are both fluent or native speakers.

Hire Yoruba translators.

Yoruba is a language of Nigeria and some West African countries. It is the language for more than 100 million people. Hence why we can't afford to ignore it. We also provide translation for Yoruba.

Hire Ukrainian translators.

Ukrainian language is also translated here. Both from native Ukrainian speakers and also fluent experienced speakers. Just go ahead and search for the right translator.

Hire Zulu translators.

Zulu, a south African language, is also translated. We have south African translators writing for you. Just go ahead and hire today.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Translators for Your Business.

There are so many reasons why you might want to hire a translator for your business. Some of these reasons are:
  1. When you translate your business or website to other languages, you are able to reach more people. Hence growth for your business.
  2. Translation helps people from other walks of life are able to understand your website or your business.
  3. Serving your customers in their native language builds trust. They feel appreciated and valued.
  4. Hiring professional translators will help you avoid mistakes. If you do the translation yourself, you might make mistakes.
  5. Hiring expert translators saves you a lot of time. Trying to translate your work by yourself can really cost you a lot of time.
  6. When an expert like a native speaker translates for you, they are able to maintain cultural connections. There are some cultural semantics that are lost if the translator is not familiar with the local culture.
  7. A professional translation will bring a professional image for your business. You do not want people to see mistakes on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Translator Instead of Using Machine Translation?

Machines are only good in word for word translation. In most cases, the semantics of the text is lost. In addition to that, the cultural connection is lost.

How Are Translation Services Priced?

The pricing depends on how much content needs translation. It also depends on the availability of freelancers. Depends on how much money you have and are willing to pay for the work. It also depends on the industry prices, you do not want to pay excess or very less.

How Long Does Translation Typically Take?

The duration could take any amount of time. It depends on the length of the work. It takes longer to translate 10 pages than 2 pages. In addition to that it also depends on the language and the prowess of the translator.

Do I Need to Hire a Native Speaker?

You do not have to. However, if you can get a native speaker then that's the best. This is because a native has better understanding of the language and culture.

Should I Also Hire a Proofreader?

No. If the translator is good in his/her job, you do not need to hire a proofreader.

What Types of Files Can Be Translated?

Any file format can be translated. All it takes is the translator to have a file reader that can read that file format. However the content is always the same; text.

Can Translators Handle Confidential Information?

Yes. Our translators are capable of handling confidential information. They are well informed on the importance of being discreet.

Can I Ask for Revisions?

Yes. Before you get into a contract with the freelance translator, just make sure to agree on the number of revisions. If you choose to buy a translation offer posted by a freelancer, choose the one that has revisions.

How Do I Assess the Credibility of a Translator or Translation Agency?

For our freelance translation platform MillionFormula, you can see the freelancer's rating and reviews from other employers. The good translators normally have high star ratings and positive reviews.

How Can I Ensure Cultural Sensitivity in Translations?

You should choose a translator that is either native to the language or is familiar with the culture. Translators who are only fluent in the language might not have the cultural sensitivity.