About Us

Mediageneous is a company dedicated to helping people aspiring to grow on social media and aspiring artists who want to promote their music/content, aspiring photographers and any other content creators who want to promote their content to target audience worldwide. We have been in the business for a long time to be able to serve your content to the right audience so that you can get the success you need to grow.

We promote your content through the many websites we have as well as through social media through our clients who have tons of followers and also through our applications. Our main goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with the services you get from us.


Mediageneous was developed by a group of friends & business persons who were involved in social media notably YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and a few others had their own websites. In general all of us had a common problem, this was lack of traffic to our YouTube channels and other social media accounts and websites. Subscribers and followers were not easy to get regardless of our good high quality content that we were creating. So we had to find a solution to increase social media presence get recognized and grow our brands and hence make money as many of us were into social media for a living. So after trying many different ways of attracting people to our social media accounts eg, by sharing links for each other, retweeting, etc.... we came up with an idea that we could create a common platform where all of us could get traffic from and that's how we resulted into starting blogs, websites and even apps to share our own links. By doing this we became successful and figured out that we could help the many other people out there struggling with social media growth like us and that's how we came up with mediageneous