Hire graphics designers at a very low price

If you have anything that you need designed for you, be it whatever it is, we can get it designed for you in no time and for the best prices. Mediageneous is a website where you can hire graphics designers to design anything that you want for you. We have very qualified graphics designers that have been designing for years. That’s not all but also our prices are very affordable and you can always strike a better deal with our designers. Some of the things you can get designed for you are.
Hire graphics designers at a very low price

What are the Graphic Design Services Provided by MediaGeneous?

We provide a lot of graphic design services. Below are some of the very many services we offer;

Hire Website Icon Designers.

Branding is a very is a very important part of any business. Putting an icon on your website can be what makes your website stand out. If you need one for your website then we can design it for you.

Hire Logo Designers.

Another very important part of branding for your website or even business is a logo. A logo can determine whether your business becomes known or not. You need a logo, then we are here for you. We have the best logo designers on the internet. Just click on the link above to proceed.

Hire Designers for Images for Websites and Blogs.

One of the biggest parts of creating a webpage or a blog is the images. Images form an important part. But getting copyright-free unique images is difficult. That's why we are here for you. Get our experienced graphic designers make any image for you here.

Hire Designers for Magazine and Newspaper Ads.

A good ad can be the difference between a successful ad campaign or an unsuccessful. If you choose success, then get our ads experts to design it for you. Just click the link above.

Hire Infographics Designers.

You have a business or a project that needs you to pass information through images? Then we can design the infographics for you for your business or project. Just click on the link above to go to MillionFormula and hire the infographics designers.

Hire Poster Designers.

You have an event or a sale or a campaign that you need posters for promotion? Then hire poster designers at MillionFormula. We have experienced poster designers that can provide you with excellent designs.

Hire Billboard Designers.

Billboards are those big signs you see on the side of the road or in busy places. If you are planning to promote your business through posters, then we've got you covered. Just click on the link above to go to  our second website MillionFormula and hire billboard designers.

Hire Banner Designers.

We also have banner graphic designers for you. Designers that have been doing it for years and have many positive reviews. Just click on the link above, go to MillionFormula and tell the designers exactly what you want.

Hire Menu Designers.

Starting businesses like cafe's and restaurants, can be challenging especially when it comes to designing things like menu. We know that and that's why we have menu designers available for you to hire. A good menu design can influence what your customers think of your cafe' or restaurant.

Hire Designers for Email Marketing Templates.

Email marketing is not just about sending out bulk emails to a bunch of strangers. It's about strategy and planning. One of those strategies is the email marketing template. Get our experts to design a perfect one for you and watch your email campaign improve.

Hire PowerPoint Presentation Designers.

You have school, university or work presentation you need to do but don't know how to do it right? Then worry no more because you have come to the right place. Get our expert PowerPoint presentation designers to do a perfect design for you.

Hire Designers for Social Media Ads, Banners, and Graphics.

If you are planning to launch a social media ad campaign, then you have come to the right place. The right social media ad can be the one thing that leads to increased ROI of your ad. Therefore, get our experts to design these ads for you.

Hire Designers for Signage and Trade-Show Displays.

If you need signs for your business or displays for a trade show, our designers can create them for you. We have tradeshow and signage design experts waiting for you.

Hire Vehicle Wraps Designers.

You do not want to sell just plain vehicle wraps? You want to have designs on these wraps? Then just contact our designers and tell them exactly what you want.

Hire Designers for Banner Ads and Retargeting Ads.

Banners ads and retargeting ads are a very effective in advertising. However, that is the case only if the ads are designed well. A good ad design will determine the success of your campaign. Hence why we are here for you.

Hire Postcards and Flyers Designers.

Now you can hire postcard and flyer designers at MillionFormala. Just click on the link above to go ahead.

Hire Designers for Book Covers and Magazine Covers.

A good book cover or even magazine cover can be the the one thing that leads to good sales. The lack of a good design can mean low sales or even no sales at all. Therefore, when it comes to such business, investing in the right designs is important and should not be ignored. Therefore, think of good designers like MillionFormula designers.

Hire GIFs Designers.

Ever wondered how a GIF is designed? Believe me, you do not need to worry about that. This is because we will design it for you. All you need to do is tell us exactly what you want and we will deliver it.

Hire Museum Exhibitions Designers.

If you need to set up an exhibition in a museum, our designers can help make it amazing. We have designers that have done this before and can deliver high quality for you.

Hire Signage Designers.

A good signage design can make all the difference. However, getting the right design is the tough part. That's why we have a dedicated team of designers who design such graphics. Just click on the link above.

Hire T-Shirts Design Designers.

You want to outshine other businesses selling tshirts? The tshirt business can be a competitive one. One of the ways to outshine other sellers is by having the best designs for your tshirts. For that, you can just click on the link above.

Hire Graphic Patterns for Tiles Designers.

Tiles are everywhere these days. The best designs are the ones that stand out the most. Which also means that people prefer to buy the ones that have the best designs. In order for your tiles to stand out and have the most sales, then hire the best tiles pattern designers here.

Hire Motion Graphics Designers.

Get animations for your business at MillionFormula. We have some of the best graphics designers that you can hire today.

Hire Picture Books Designers.

Our picture books designers are experienced and have been doing this for years. At a very affordable price, you can get some of the best picture book designers. Just click on the link above.

Hire Stock Images Designers.

Stock images business is a major business. Businesses make millions of dollars from selling stock images. Which also means that there is competition in the business. If you want to stand out, then just hire some of the top stock images designers.

Hire Business Cards Designers.

If you are a businessman/woman and need to let people get in touch with you, then a business card is for you. If you need a proper business card designed for you then you can hire them from MillionFormula.

Hire Brand Guides Designers.

If you want to grow your business using brand guides, then you need to get the right designers. There is one place you can always get your designers from. That place is MediaGeneous through MillionFormula freelance marketplace.

Hire Photo Editors.

Photoshop is a major business requirement. Businesses require photo editors to get their images edited all the time. If you need some then you have come at the right place.

Why You Should Hire Graphics Designers from MediaGeneous.

MediaGeneous stands out as a go-to website for hiring graphic designers. Below are some of the reasons why you need to hire designers from us;
  1. Our graphic designers will provide you with a lot of professional skills. Our designers are really good at what they do.
  2. Our freelance designers will give you custom designs. Not those generic designs going around the internet.
  3. Our prices are very affordable. If you compare with other platforms, ours are very affordable. Especially for the quality that you get from us.
  4. We provide you with a wide range of services. If you have read above, you must realize that we offer so many design services.
  5. When you hire a graphic designer at MillionFormula, you will get quick turnaround. Our freelancers know how to keep time.
  6. There is easy communication between you and the freelancer since you have the chatroom. In the chatroom you can chat with the freelancer throughout.
  7. You will get latest design trends from our designers. They have been in this career for years and are still doing it. This means that they are familiar with current trends.
  8. We make sure that you as our customer, you are satisfied with our services. Customer satisfaction is our top objective.

Hiring Graphic Designers FAQs.

How Do I Assess a Graphic Designer’s Portfolio?

Just go to MillionFormula and click on that designers link. It will take you to his/her profile page which contains his/her portfolio.

Can I Hire a Student Graphic Designer?

Yes. Freelancers come from all sources. Some are older more experienced designers while others are young maybe students. It all depends on what you want.

Should I Hire a Freelancer or an Agency?

This depends on you. If you prefer an individual freelancer then hire him/her. If you prefer an agency then go for it. All we can advice is that if your project is intensive and would take a lot of time and people to do it, then go for an agency.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Graphic Designer?

The cost is very dynamic. Mostly it depends on you. There are so many freelancers who design the same thing but charge different prices. Its good to note that the cheaper it is the less quality it is. In addition to that, you can post your own freelance job at your own price of choice.

What Are the Payment Structures Commonly available?

We provide our customers with two options for payment. PayPal and stripe. You just choose the one that be fits you.

How Do I Ensure the Designer Understands My Needs?

Make good use of the chatroom. Use the chatroom to talk with the freelance designer properly to make sure that he/she understands.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Graphic Design Project?

It depends on many factors. Such as your project, how complex it is, how intensive it is, the freelancer doing it and so much more. All projects don't take the same time.

What Happens If I’m Unsatisfied With the Work?

You can ask the freelancer for a revision. Ask him/her to make the changes as you see fit. If the freelancer refuses to do it, which is rarely the case, you can refuse to pay the freelancer. When you decline to pay, it will be raised as a complaint for our team to address it.

Who Owns the Copyright to the Designs?

You own the copyrights. It is your design right?

Do I Need a Contract Even For Small Projects?

Every design project is a contract in its own right. When you confirm to hire a freelancer, you are getting into a contract with him/her.

Can I Hire a Graphic Designer for a Remote or Virtual Position?


How Do I Know If a Designer’s Style Fits My Brand?

You can check their previous work on their profile portfolio section.

Can One Designer Handle Both Digital and Print Projects?

This depends on the freelancer. Some can some others can't. If this is what you need then just go ahead and look for the freelancer who can.

Can I Hire a Designer for a One-Time Project?


Is It Cheaper to Outsource Graphic Design Overseas?

Mostly yes but what is most interesting is that in a freelance marketplace, that's not something you need to worry about. This is because you can just filter the designers with the price.