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Hire graphics designers for as low as $20. Here at mediageneous we have freelance graphics designers that you can hire for as low as 20 dollars. We have qualified and experienced designers that have been designing different things for years. The most important thing is that mediageneous closely monitors the quality of the designs that our freelance are making for our clients in order to make sure that you get the best of your money. We have managed to create a platform where you can hire the designers and get your item designed in the time you specified. There is no latency at mediageneous. You also get a direct anonymous communication with the designer so that you can get the design designed exactly how you want it to be. The communication is free until the designer finishes designing your item.

How much does it cost to hire a graphics designer?

When it comes to hiring graphics designers, there are two types of designers that you can get. There are the freelance graphics designers and there is the full time employee graphics designers. The full time employee designers are those designers that are employed by a certain design company like mediageneous to be working full time for the company in designing things for the company’s customers. This means that the designer is paid by the company and the amount of money you pay is determined by the company. Quality and deliver-ability is guaranteed by the company. On the other hand, there is freelance graphics designers. The freelance graphics designers are not employed by any company. At least not officially. Most of these freelancers work for different companies by just taking up design gigs provided by the companies. They are not directly controlled by the companies they design for in terms like pricing. This means that in most cases the prices are determined by the freelancer. Like you can register at mediageneous as a freelance graphics designer and say that you will be charging $50 for every logo that you design.

As of the moment, we are currently using the freelance model where we have many freelance graphics designers registering from allover the world to design for us. Therefore the design prices are determined by the freelancers. They all don’t charge the same there are those who charge higher than others eve for a similar item. Therefore its upon you to search and find the best price for the design you want. However mediageneous closely and manually monitors the quality of the designs that our freelancers are making for the customers to make sure that its up to standards and it meets the clients standards. Therefore you should never have any worry whether your item will be designed well. Mediageneous is here to guarantee that and to ensure that you only pay when you are satisfied with what you are getting.


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