Hire translators for as low as $10/hour - Experienced translators.

Are you a webmaster trying to translate your website/blog from one language to another? A writer/author trying to translate your articles/publications from one language to another? Or maybe a business involved with translations looking for people to do the translations for you? Well then look no more because MediaGeneous is here for you. Now you can hire a translator for as low as $10/hour to help you translate whatever it is that you are translating from one language to another.

How much does it cost to hire a translator?

MediaGeneous uses freelancers for translation. We have freelancers from allover the world who speak and are fluent in various languages. Most of them have fluency in at least two languages and have been doing the translation for years and thus have experience with it. MediaGeneous oversees that quality of the work that you get and more importantly guarantees you of credibility from our freelancers. We have managed to build a team of highly motivated and self-driven translators who will get your work done in no time. MediaGeneous does not control the prices of the translation that you will pay for the job because we like to let the freelancers have some bit of freedom and control of their craft.You want to hire translators who are self driven. This gives room for competition and thus making them strive to become better. The more the jobs the each translator completes safely the hire they rank and the more they are likely to earn. Therefore the translators are free to bid on the prices of their own. Depending on their skills, speed, experience and the number of completed tasks the translators fix their prices that they are willing to be doing the work. Its upon you to choose carefully which translator you want to hire for your job.

For as low as $10/hour you can hire a translator here at MediaGeneous to translate for you from any language to any language. MediaGeneous is here to guarantee you the quality by manually checking the work before we hand it over to you. You will also have direct anonymous communication with the translator to make sure that your work is done exactly how you want it. You have the guarantee that when you hire MediaGeneous translators you will be getting the best translation service.

Languages for which you can hire a translator.

Here at MediaGeneous, we provide translation to and from any of the languages listed below. That is you can get your content translated from any of the languages below to any of the languages below.

Why you can’t rely on google translate and other translation technology.

Well, i know some of you might be wondering “whats the need of translators these days when there are software and online services like google translator that can translate easily and for free?”. You are not wrong the technology these days is capable of doing the translation from any language to any language. However, good the technology is as of now, its not perfect. The technology can be used to translate but the product they produce is not as good. The tech can be used to translate word for word and some more advanced technology can be used to translate even sentences that even make sense. But in most cases these tech translators loose semantics when it comes to more complex sentences and deeper meaning.

A software can translate from one language to another but the translated content looses the key values of communication like jokes, cliche’ and worst of all semantics. For articles that are just meant for less important use like SEO only meant to be read by search engines that’s okay. But if you are serious with your work then you gotta get a real human to translate for you. Hire a translator for as low as $10/hour. Maybe in the future but the technology we have these days is not good enough to replace human in translation. That’s why MediaGeneous provides this service to you knowing the value and importance of it.

Why You Should Hire Translators from MediaGeneous.

There are many reasons why you should hire translators from MediaGeneous. Below, we will discus a few reasons why you should always go for our services.
  1. We will provide you with a lot of experienced translators. These are people that have been doing this work of translation for years. Some of them are actually native speakers of these languages and have thorough knowledge of the languages.
  2. Our prices are very reasonable. This is for those who buy the freelance offers. For those who choose to post their own freelance job, you get to determine the price yourself. While posting the job, you get to determine at what price you want to pay for the translation.
  3. If you have read above, you must have seen the very many languages for translation available. This covers most of the world's most spoken languages. This means that your desire languages for translation are likely covered.
  4. Our translators actually know what they are doing. Some of them have been doing translations for years. Thus you can be sure that the work is done to the highest standards.
  5. Due to the experience, the translators are able to deliver the work quickly and with very high efficiency.
  6. Our translators are trained to maintain the highest levels of privacy and discretion as they do the translation for you.
  7. Our translators understand cultures. The reason why this is important is because some things if translated without paying attention to culture could loose its meaning.
  8. It is very easy to talk to our translators and are very professional. This enables you to actually make them understand what you actually want.

Our Translators Expertise.

Most of the MediaGeneous translation services are provided on our freelance website MillionFormula. As you are familiar with freelance services, the expertise range from freelancer to freelancer. Some are more experienced than others. There are those that have been doing translation for years and those that are just new. However, you need not worry about filtering through these freelancers since we do it for you. Our systems are designed to deliver the best freelancers for you. There is also the freelancer rating and reviews functionality. This helps you choose the best freelancer for your job.

How to Hire a Translator: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Hiring a translator from MediaGeneous through MillionFormula is easy. Here's how you do it:
  1. Go to MillionFormula. First, visit our freelance website MillionFormula. This is where you can post the translation job and find translators to hire.
  2. Post Your Translation Job. Once you go to MillionFormula, post your translation job. In the job, you tell the freelancers, from what language to what language you want it translated.
  3. Wait for Proposals. After you post your job, different translators will see it and send you their proposals.
  4. Choose a Freelancer. Look at all the proposals and pick the best translator. You can do this based on the freelancer's proposal and profile. This is someone who understands what you need and has the skills to do it.
  5. Award the Contract. When you find the right translator, give them the job. This is called awarding the contract.
  6. Chat with the Freelancer. Millionformula has a chatroom where you can chat with him/her. This helps you make sure that the work is going on well.
  7. Receive Your Work. Once the translator is done, he/she will give you your translated work. Check it to make sure it's what you wanted.
  8. Pay for the Service. Pay for the service once everything is done and you are happy with the work.
That's it! By following these steps, you can easily hire a translator at MediaGeneous who will help you with your language needs.

Hiring Translator at MediaGeneeous Comes With Quality Assurance and Accuracy.

We assure you that we will provide you with work of the highest quality and accuracy. We are very confident with our services. That's why most of our customers are repeat customers. They trust our services and are always coming back for more. In additional to that, like we mentioned above, you only pay for the work after its done. Also, you only pay for the work if you are happy with it. If you are not satisfied you can always ask for revisions and improvements. You can also raise a complaint with us if the freelancer is not doing a good job.

Competitive Translation Pricing and Packages.

One of the best things about our translation services is the competitive prices and the packages. There are two ways this works. You can choose to hire a freelancer based on their own listed offer. These offers are very affordable and the freelancer will deliver whats on the offer. The second way is for you to post your job at your own prices. This means that you post a translation freelance job at MillionFormula at your own prices. Then you will receive proposals from freelancers and hire one of your choice. This way you only pay the price that you are comfortable with.

With Us You Are Guaranteed Quick Turnaround Times and Deadlines.

Our translators understand the importance of keeping time and delivering the work in time. They have been doing this for years and timely delivery has never been an issue. What is most important is that you are the one in charge of everything. You are the one who determines how long you want the work to take. You also pay the freelancer after he/she does the work. Which means if he/she is late you could refuse to pay for the work. The best part is you are not the first to work with these freelancers. Just check their reliability by all the jobs finished in time.

Our Translators Will Bring Confidentiality and Data Security To The Table.

If there is one thing that our translators know to maintain is confidentiality and data security. All the data and transactions are maintained in a secure environment. In addition to that, all your communications with the freelancer are end to end encrypted. Only you and the freelancer can see your chats. Our regulators only see the conversation if it is flagged by our systems as violating our guidelines. The second time when our regulators can see your conversation is in the case of a disagreement/misunderstanding between you and the freelancer. This time they go through it to determine how to solve the dispute. You need to note that the conversations are not seen by anyone else and are not shared by any third parties.

Start Your Translation Project Today. Hire the Most Qualified Translators Today.

You have any project that needs translation? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get it translated for you immediately. Just scroll above to the step by step guide and follow it to post your project. Get the proposals, hire the freelancer and there you go. Throughout this page we have highlighted for you all the benefits you get by hiring translators at MediaGeneous. If you still have any doubts, there is only one way to find out. Give it a try and you will come to thank us later.