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The new and most effective way to advertise. Better than the traditional ads and gives you all the freedom to pay whatever amount of money you want. In addition to that you can choose exactly who you want to make the mention for you and who you want to see it. Target any language, country, age group and any kind of audience you want.

There are so many options for you to choose from in the form bellow hence we recommend that before buying you take some time to go through all the options(click on all the checkboxes to see everything available) to see and know exactly what you want. If you are new to this and you just go through it quickly, you might missout on a lot and it might confuse you and hence you you end up getting many errors when you try to submit the form. Compulsory fields are marked by *
5 iii. Want to upload some documents/video/images so that the influencer can use them? DO IT ON THE NEXT PAGE.

6a. Just a mention in the usual influencer videos
6b. Influencer to make the entire video about you ▼

Number of views you want the post to attain before payment * (Keep in mind that very high numbers will discourage most influencers. Not Unless if you match those high numbers with more payment bellow)
Number of views you want the video to attain before FIRST payment* (Keep in mind that very high numbers will discourage most influencers. Not Unless if you match those high numbers with more payment bellow) Views INTERVALS size you want to be paying after the first payment* (For example, pay the influencer for every additional 5000 views) (Keep in mind that very high numbers will discourage most influencers. Not Unless if you match those high numbers with more payment bellow)

Price for the FIRST payment * (Its wise to make the initial payment higher than the repetitive payments so as to attract most influencers)

Price for the REPETITIVE payments * (Keep in mind that this is the amount of money you will pay per a mention/video, per influencer, per each interval, hence do the math well or see bellow we will do it for you. Initially(for now), you will need to pay money equivalent to the FIRST payment + the first 3 intervals. After the influencer attains the first 3 intervals, you will be notified whether to keep paying for more intervals or to stop. If you want more intervals then you will pay this amount multiplied by however number of intervals you want. Keep in mind that you can't change this number once any influencer makes the video/mention for you. For example if you choose to pay the influencer $50 for the first 5000 views, then $30 for the rest of 4000 views intervals, then initially you will have to pay 50 + 30*3 = $140. If you want 20 such mentions from different influencers, then $140*20 = $2800)

Calculations: your bid price * number of mentions
Which is: $0.00 * 0 = $0.00
Calculations: (Price for the FIRST payment + Price for the REPETITIVE payments * 3) * number of mentions
Which is: ( + * 3) * = $0.00

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What makes mediageneous legit unlike other similar companies?


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