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Buying Instagram followers has become quite a common practice by so many Instagram users these days. So why should you be left behind. Why should you struggle alone while everyone else is doing it the easy way. Buy your Instagram followers too and stand a chance to shoot to the top. When it comes to buying Instagram followers mediageneous is the go to number one destination. We provide the best highest quality Instagram followers you will ever find anywhere.

We sell only real human followers who are logged in to their Instagram accounts when they follow you. It has become so hard to succeed on Instagram these days because of the very high competition and the fact that the top celebrities get almost all the attention. This makes people look for other ways to get the Instagram followers. This is what made buying of Instagram followers very common. What is most important is that you only buy real followers. Don’t but fake followers.

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Go through our Instagram followers plans to see our prices. We have the most affordable prices as per the quality of followers we provide you. Think of the very small charge you will have to pay for real people to follow you permanently. Just a single purchase. No renewals no extra charges. We can say the we have the highest quality real human followers from allover the world. Yet our prices aren’t that high. This is one if the things that make mediageneous the world’s number one website to buy Instagram followers.

We are always doing everything to keep the quality of our Instagram followers as high as possible yet maintaining the prices to as low as possible. You will never find this on any other site. Mediageneous is trusted by the very many customers we have served for years.

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How to get Instagram followers.

There are so many ways to get Instagram followers but we can categorize them into two.
  1. The organic way.
  2. By buying.

Get Instagram followers organically.

You don't buy these types of instagram followers, you acquire them organically. To get followers the organic way means that each and every person who follows you is doing it voluntarily without any coercing or being paid to do it. They find your account interesting enough for them to want to follow you. Usually this is not an easy road to succeed on Instagram. It takes persistence and consistency to get many followers. You need to be posting the things that people like. Build a community around your channel if like minded people. Focus on one major topic that you know your audience will gravitate towards. Be thorough with your content.

You will need to be posting regularly and interacting well with your Audience. To get more followers you can share your Instagram link on other social media platforms. If you can manage to collect all your YouTube, Facebook and twitter followers to your Instagram account then you can increase your Instagram followers easily. If you own a blog or a website it would be great to share your Instagram links on your website and posts. If you can't manage this then its easier you just buy the instagram followers and get to where you want to be.


Get Instagram followers by buying.

This is quite an easy way to get Instagram followers unlike the organic way. All you need is a few bucks and you can buy as many followers as the ones organic way takes one year to get. With one purchase you can buy as many Instagram followers than what takes one year organically. If you manage to buy the followers from a good seller like mediageneous who sell real human active followers then you can be guaranteed of success. With the active followers that means your account’s activities will increase. This will make Instagram increase your account’s promotion across the Instagram platform.

The promotion will result into more organic growth for your account. To buy your Instagram followers from mediageneous just choose any plan of your choice. Proceed to your cart then to checkout to complete your payment. Just a few steps and you are done. Once you have placed your purchase mediageneous will start processing your request right away. Hurry up and buy your instagram followers now!


Why buy Instagram followers?

Quick success.

Don’t wait for years for Instagram to start promoting your account. Start it right away.

Head start.

When you start a new account, its almost impossible to get recognized. Our followers will recognize you. Buy instagram followers for a quick headstart.

More suggestions.

The more followers you have the more Instagram is likely to suggest your account to other people.

Better account image.

The more followers you have the better people perceive your account. Hence are more likely to follow you.

Niche authority.

If you have more followers as well as more views likes and comments your content is more likely to be favored by Instagram algorithm. Purchase instagram followers to become a niche authority.

Organic growth.

People tend to follow the Instagram accounts with more followers.

Is it legit to buy Instagram followers?

When you buy real instagram followers then it is safe and legal. There is no problem with promoting your account by buying followers. Just make sure that they are real people and not BOTs.
If you buy fake instagram followers then that makes it illegit. Or in other words you can say it’s bad because that would be going against instagram terms and policies. Of course no company wants their servers and systems to be overworked by BOTs.

Good Instagram followers sellers.

These are the sellers that provide you with good followers. These followers come from real active Instagram accounts. Good followers are active on your account. Only buy instagram followers from these types of sellers.

How to know good Instagram followers vendors.

Active accounts.

If you check the accounts of the followers you are getting, they should be active accounts. Accounts that are regularly updated.

Realistic followers.

The followers should be coming from good active Instagram accounts. Accounts that have so much similarities with your account.

Good quality guarantee.

The seller should be able to provide high quality services. They should not risk your Instagram account just for the sake of making money.

Real followers confirmation.

The sellers should be able to confirm and promise that they are selling real human followers.

Money back guarantee.

The seller should be able to refund your money if they don’t meet your needs.

Source of followers.

Good followers can only be real people. So the seller should be able to provide you with real people from allover the world.

Gradual continuous delivery.

Good followers should come in a continuous gradual manner. They should not come in a single large junk and then stop. A large sudden bulk then stop would indicate that the followers are made by automated systems. Only buy instagram followers from sellers that deliver gradually and continuously.

Followers source.

Real followers should come from real people. There are no two ways about this. The seller should be able to provide you with real human followers. Other wise don’t buy Instagram followers that are not from people. You should only purchase instagram followers from good sources.


Bad Instagram followers sellers...

These are Instagram followers sellers who sell to you fake followers. Followers either made by some automated computer programs or from fake Instagram accounts. Don't buy instagram followers from these kind of instagram followers sellers.

How to know bad Instagram followers vendors.

Inactive accounts.

If the followers they are selling you come from instead accounts that are not complete or have never been updated then those are fake followers.

Unrealistic followers.

If you are getting followers who don’t speak same language as you. Followers who don’t have anything common with your account then those are not good followers.

No quality guarantee.

Check whether the vendor promises that they sell good high quality followers. Purchase the highest quality instagram followers only at

Fake accounts.

Check the accounts of the followers you are getting to see if they are real.

Money-back guarantee.

Check if the seller has money back policy to make sure that if you don’t like their service you can get a refund.

Followers source.

Make sure that the followers are real people. Otherwise BOTs followers will only get your account banned.

Lump-some delivery.

This is the most common characteristic of fake Instagram followers sellers. This is because they use computer programs to make the followers thus producing so many suddenly. Never buy instagram followers that are not delivered gradually and continuously.

Followers source.

Bad followers are made in some computer labs and click farms. Both of these sources are bad and you should never buy such Instagram followers. Always go for trusted brands like mediageneous. We have a reputation that has been there for years.


Why buy instagram followers from mediageneous?

There almost countless reasons why you should buy instagram followers from mediageneous. Here are a few reasons why mediageneous should be your number one instagram followers provider.
  1. All our instagram followers are real. They all come from real human beings not robots. Buy only real instagram followers at mediageneous
  2. Our instagram followers come from allover the world. You will not see clustered locations of our instagram followers sources. They are evenly distributed around the world.
  3. We do not use, own nor affiliate with any click farms. Mediageneous doesn’t have people sitting in some rooms being underpaid to continuously click on your Instagram account. You can be assured that all the instagram followers you buy here at mediageneous are not coming from click farms.
  4. We do not use BOTs nor any computer programs to manufacture your instagram followers. All our instagram followers come from real people who see your account on their devices all around the world.
  5. Easy, safe and convenient payment method. We use PayPal to process all our transactions. That means all your credit/debit cards and bank accounts are safe when buying from us. We keep your bank account safe as you buy instagram followers online.
  6. Best prices ever. Our prices, though not the cheapest, are the best prices in the market for the level of quality instagram followers that we sell to you. We choose quality over money. We are not ready to sell you fake instagram followers at a low price just to make you pay less. Its better to pay the extra cost and get a good quality service.
  7. We respect your privacy when you buy instagram followers from us. We do our best to keep your personal identity hidden from anyone who shouldn’t know.
  8. Money-back guarantee. If mediageneous fails to complete your purchase for any reason we are going to refund back your money

How to buy instagram followers

To buy instagram followers is quite easy. Its a less than 3 minutes process than you can easily do on your phone or any device that you are accessing internet with. All you need is your instagram user ID and username that you want buy the instagram followers for and PayPal account that you will use to make the payments with. To buy the followers just follow the steps bellow.

  1. Scroll up the page to the instagram followers packages and choose the one that you want to buy.
  2. Click on the BUY NOW button of the package that you want. You will be taken to the Order page.
  3. On the order page fill out the information required like: instagram user ID and username, number of Followers you Want.
  4. Its wise and advised to combine the instagram followers with other instagram services like comments, likes to make your followers purchase better and more appealing. Therefore on the order page you can add any of those services.
  5. After finishing everything that needs to be done on the order page click on the order now button and you will be taken to the cart page.
  6. On the cart page go through your order to make sure everything is as you want it to be. If there is something that you want to drop just click on the red X. If you want to ad more services to your order you can click back on your browser to go back to the order page to add more services. After you make sure everything is as you want it to be, confirm the cart total to make sure that the amount of money indicated is correct.
  7. Then click on checkout. You will be taken to checkout page.If you are a first time customer at mediageneous, click on proceed as guest checkout. If you are a returning customer login with your credentials then proceed with purchase. For first time customers fill your billing information: name and email. Click continue.
  8. Make final check of your order to make sure that everything is as you want it to be. Then click PROCEED TO PAYPAL. You will be taken to PayPal payment page where you will use your PayPal account to finalize the purchase.
  9. After paying with PayPal you will be redirected back to mediageneous where you can see your order confirmation. You will also receive an email from us confirming your purchase. As soon as you buy the instagram followers we will start promoting your instagram account. You will start seeing results on your instagram account right away.


instagram as a social media is designed mainly for people with some kind of popularity and influence in the society. If you have nothing that makes you stand out among the rest, its very hard to get the followers. It is almost impossible for your account to get attention especially if your account is new. The accounts with millions of followers are the ones that tend to keep getting more followers. This begs the need for you to buy instagram followers to get the recognition from the instagram algorithm. The more the likes and comments your instagram post gets the first hours after you publish it the more likely instagram algorithm will pick it up and promote it.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy FAKE instagram followers.

As much as we all would like to see those big numbers on our instagram accounts for likes and comments, its not worth the risk of buying fake instagram followers. This will do more harm to your account than good. instagram has one of the most advanced programs that will easily detect that your followers are fake. This might prompt instagram to take various actions against your account. instagram might remove the fake followers, or In worst cases they might suspend your entire instagram account. Not worth the risk. The good news is that mediageneous instagram followers are real and they come from real people from allover the world.

Are mediageneous instagram followers good for my account?

Yes. Mediageneous instagram followers are totally good and safe for your account. Mediageneous practices safe promotional methods that don’t risk your account. We do not use BOTs or any other form of computer programs to make the instagram followers that we sell to you. Mediageneous does not use nor own nor affiliate with any click farms to make the instagram followers that we sell to you. Therefore you can buy mediageneous instagram followers with absolute confidence.

How instagram ranking works

When using instagram you see a list of suggested accounts that you can follow. Similarly they keep feeding you with very relevant posts that are most likely to be interesting to you. All this is enabled by instagram ranking. This is the way instagram analyses the posts made on their platform to know what each and every post is all about. This way instagram can tell that your account is about certain topics and can promote your account to people who like such content.. To do this instagram has a very well build algorithm that takes into consideration so many things.

What goes on mostly on instagram is posting and other text related content. This text type of content is very easy for the non-human algorithm to understand. In lame language you can say that the algorithm reads the any other text content. This way it can easily understand what the post is all about. For the video and image posts the algorithm can depend on the text accompanying the post Like the tittle. Therefore make sure that the text is relevant and straight to the point. The algorithm also depends on the peoples interractions with the post.

User engagement with your account, the more the likes and comments that the viewers make for your posts the more algorithm loves your posts. Your instagram account authority, if your account has existed for long and has been making posts about that particular topic and getting many likes and comments, then instagram is more likely to favor your account for that topic than a new account that was started yesterday and made a post.

Where to Buy real instagram followers. is the world’s best website to buy the best quality real instagram followers. Mediageneous has been in this business for years and has been perfecting ways of delivering the instagram followers safely to the clients. Most importantly, all our instagram followers are all real. They all come from real people allover the world. We do not use BOTs or automated computer programs to make the instagram followers. We do not use click farms to get the followers. Simply mediageneous instagram followers are the best you will ever find anywhere in this world.

How to Increase Your instagram followers? Hack to get instagram followers fast.

Here are some of a few things you can do to get more instagram followers fast:

  1. Buy instagram followers from good sellers like mediageneous.
  2. Make good video posts that attracts many viewers and make them wanna come back to watch again.
  3. Make a captive video thumbnail image that will make everyone wanna click on your video post to watch it.
  4. Share your posts link on all other social media platforms to attract viewers from allover.
  5. Optimize your video posts well for instagram ranking like we have explained above.
  6. Buy ads for your instagram account.
  7. Ask people to share your posts by saying it.
  8. Be consistent with uploading making your posts so that instagram doesn’t consider your account as dormant.
  9. Specialize on a certain niche so that you gain some authority on that niche. Like aim at smartphones and keep it so. Not making smartphones posts today then dog posts tomorrow.
  10. Target a certain group of audience. You can do this by the post language, or the content of your posts, your post titles or even building a community around your account.
  11. Know what your audience wants. Understand your audience and provide them exactly what they want.

Why Is instagram followers Count so Important on instagram?

Bellow are some of the reasons that might make you wanna buy instagram followers for your account.

  1. The more instagram followers you get the more money you are likely to get through instagram advertisements.
  2. For instagram algorithm to recognize your account and make it a niche authority you require many likes, comments and followers.
  3. People tend to watch/click on posts with more likes, comments and followers. They assume that they are that good. Therefore more instagram followers gets you more followers.
  4. Accounts with more followers rank better than those with less.

What Are the Advantages of Buying instagram followers?

  1. A boost towards success.
  2. Increase social proof by having more followers count on your account.
  3. Increase posts ranking on instagram’s search results.
  4. Breaking Geographical Boundaries.
  5. Makes you get more followers on instagram organically.
  6. instagram advertising money
  7. Buy instagram followers and become a niche authority
purchase instagram followers

Will my instagram followers decrease or disappear with time?

If you buy fake instagram followers, then they will most probably decrease or disappear with time because instagram will remove them. On the other hand if you buy real good instagram followers then they will be permanent on your account. Good real instagram followers do not decrease or disappear with time.

Can you buy real instagram followers?

YES! It is very easy and possible to buy real instagram followers. All you need is a good instagram followers seller like mediageneous and you are good to go. To know how to identify a good instagram followers seller scroll up and read the section on How to know good instagram followers sellers.

How much do instagram followers cost?

On average, each instagram follower costs $0.02. That means for $100 you can get approximately 5000 instagram followers. That’s a very affordable price. Scroll up to our instagram followers prices to see more of instagram followers prices.

How much does it cost to buy 10,000 instagram followers?

With the approximate average of $0.02 per a instagram follower, then 10k instagram followers would cost you only $200. Very cheap right? Scroll up to our instagram followers packages to see more of instagram followers prices.

Why you should buy instagram followers from MEDIAGENEOUS?

  1. No bots as mentioned above we don’t sell fake computer generated instagram followers.
  2. No click farms as mentioned above we don’t have any click farms nor have we employed any. All our instagram followers come from real people following you from all over the world.
  3. By buying our instagram followers you are guaranteed growth of your instagram account.
  4. You are will get continuous natural growth even after you are done using our services.
  5. We use safe marketing methods across all our services from real people. BOTS FREE.
  6. PayPal Accepted. This is the world most secure way of making online payments and thus we want your transactions to be safe.
  7. Mediageneous is an Experienced instagram followers provider.
  8. Best Prices Ever. We offer the most affordable instagram followers prices possible. Our aim is always to provide you with the best quality instagram followers at low prices.
  9. Privacy – We won’t share your personal information with anyone.
  10. 24/7 Customer Service. to help you if you have any problem as you buy instagram followers.
  11. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  12. All major Credit Cards & Debit Cards accepted
  13. Instant start and delivery within the first hour of instagram followers purchase.
  14. 100% safe content promotion techniques.
  15. You can select your own instagram followers duration, our minimum duration is one minute and you can increase the time up to 30 minutes.
  16. 100% real instagram followers from real people.
  17. Social media promotion to increase your outreach.


We have a wide range of websites that attracts millions of visitors every month and that’s where we get some of the followers you bought. Then to bring some balance and make your content reach more people, we give your link to the many of our team members with tons of subscribers and followers on social media where you get the social media outreach. Most important of all we supply your link to our SEO experts to make your post move up in searches.

buy mediageneous instagram followers

Can you get banned for buying instagram followers?

YES. If you buy fake instagram followers your account might get banned.

NO. If you buy real legitimate instagram followers your account will not be banned.

How can you tell if someone has bought instagram followers?

The ability to tell if someone has bought instagram followers depends on the kind of instagram followers seller or provide that they buy from. You can read more about good and bad instagram followers sellers above. If the seller is a good quality instagram followers seller, then it might be hard if not impossible to tell that the instagram followers are bought. On the other hand, if the seller is a bad instagram followers provider then its very easy to tell that someone has bought the followers. Bellow are the signs to look for to know that someone has bought the instagram followers:

  1. Sudden unexpected increase in instagram followers
  2. So many instagram followers with almost zero or no r comments.
  3. Uneven increases of the instagram followers. One minute the post is not receiving any views/likes, then the next minute it receives so many views/likes, then the numbers stops again.
  4. A account with so many followers yet has very less to zero likes and comments

Can instagram tell if you buy instagram followers?

YES. instagram technology is so advanced that you can’t fool it. Whether you buy the instagram followers from good sellers or bad, instagram will know that you have bought the followers. What you should be asking is what will instagram do now that it knows that i have bought instagram followers? If you bought bad fake instagram followers then you might get penalized. If you bought good instagram followers then instagram will not do anything.

The best site to buy instagram followers. Where can I buy legit instagram followers?

Mediageneous has always been and will always be the best website to buy real, legitimate, high quality instagram followers.

What if my instagram followers order is not delivered?

Such an occurrence is very rare as we always make sure that we cater for all our clients. However in the case of such an occurrence where you don’t receive your instagram followers, just contact us and notify us through

How buying instagram followers affects your instagram account

  1. Gives you a quick headstart for your account if you are a new instagram user.
  2. Gives you brand recognition by outreaching your content to many new people who get to learn about your account.
  3. Makes instagram algorithm recognize your instagram account and start promoting it.
  4. Makes your instagram posts rank better as compared to other instagram posts.
  5. Comes with organic growth because of the new found publicity.
  6. Might eventually make your account a niche authority.

Things to consider before you buy instagram followers from UNRELIABLE sources.

  1. Your audience will not grow.
  2. Followers drop with time.
  3. Buying instagram followers Cost Money.
  4. Waste of money.
  5. Very low to Zero watch time.
  6. Your instagram account Might Get Banned.
  7. There Are Many Scams Out There


There is a very thin line between legal/moral/ethical and illegal/immoral/unethical when it comes to selling and buying of services like youtube views, likes, comments, subscribers, Twitter services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, instagram services, facebook services and more. Yet Mediageneous still remains a very ethical and legal company involved in very moral activities. Why so? Why is Mediageneous on the right side of matters when compared with other similar companies involved in similar activities. Visit the page bellow to know why.

What makes mediageneous legit unlike other similar companies?
As long as you buy the instagram followers from genuine legitimate sellers, then it is absolutely legal. There are no set of rules or law that makes buying instagram followers to promote your instagram account illegal. But of course buying fake followers makes it ingenuine.
You will be surprised to realize that these days almost everyone is in the business of buying instagram followers. Anyone serious enough to grow their instagram account has had to buy some instagram services to boost the account.
YES. MEDIAGENEOUS instagram followers are definetely going to come with a lot of publicity for your instagram account. We will promote your instagram account to so many people all around the world. More people than the number of followers you bought will see and learn about your account.
In order for you to buy instagram followers the right way you should make sure that you have the right website to purchase from. The most important thing is the quality of the followers that you are buying. You need to make sure that the seller uses good methods of promoting your posts. The followers must be real and made by real people. You should avoid click farms and bots generated followers.
When you buy instagram followers we first analyze your instagram account to understand what kind of audience to serve your account to. After analyzing it we categorize your account and then feed it to the right audience that loves that category of the content that you make. We let the people see and watch your account posts as they follow you until we get the number of followers that you purchased. As soon as our audience starts watching and following on your instagram posts, you will start seeing followers appearing on your account in real time.
Like we said earlier it is very hard to succeed on instagram these days because of the many posts being posted every single second. This makes it almost impossible to succeed or get the followers that you want. As many give up and quite their instagram careers, others make the choice to purchase instagram followers. It becomes a necessity to buy the followers.
instagram followers bought from the right source are absolutely safe for your instagram account.
Like we explained earlier in the How instagram ranking works section, the more the followers you get the more instagram algorithm recognizes and promotes your account. The instagram algorithm gives more value to the posts and accounts that normally get more likes, followers and comments.
Buying still remains the quickest way to get instagram followers as of today. All the other means of marketing and promotion for instagram are not as fast as buying. And even if they can get you the followers, they are very expensive as compared to purchasing the followers.

Having read all that by now it goes without saying that mediageneous is the best website to buy the instagram followers. For so many reasons mediageneous stands out above all other instagram followers sellers. For reasons like:

  1. We have best quality instagram followers.
  2. Mediageneous does not use BOTs and automated programs to make the instagram followers.
  3. We don’t use click farms to make the followers.
  4. All our instagram followers comes from real people.
  5. All our instagram followers are real.
  6. Our followers gives your account a lot of publicity.
  7. Regardless of our highest and best quality instagram followers, we still manage to sell them to you at affordable prices.