Buy youtube likes to make your video go viral.

What it takes for YouTube video to TREND.

According to YouTube algorithm for a video to go viral, your video needs to get good engagement with your audience. This means that your video needs to get so many likes from your viewers. YouTube algorithm interprets this as an indicator that your video is interesting and your viewers like it. The percentage of people that like your video should be more than those that don’t like plus those that dislike your video.This brings the need to purchase YouTube likes. You need not to worry no more because you can buy likes from mediageneous.

Why buy youtube likes from mediageneous?


Why nuy youtube likes from mediageneous. The best website to purchase youtube likes.

Mediageneous YouTube likes comes from real people from allover the world. mediageneous likes are not manufactured in a lab or made from click farms nor generated by some computer programs. The people who like your video when you buy from mediageneous are logged in to YouTube through our systems. You can check your YouTube analytics to see that our likes come from all around the world. Therefore you can be sure that your YouTube account is safe when you purchase likes from mediageneous.

You also need YouTube comments for video to TREND

According to YouTube algorithm for a video to go viral, your video needs to get good engagement with your audience. This means that your video needs to get so many comments that involve long discussions among your viewers. I know it might be hard to get so many video comments and that’s why we give you a chance to buy YouTube comments from mediageneous.

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Mediageneous comments are long, interactive and relevant to your video. Our comments come from real people who are from allover the world. Mediageneous comments do not come from click farms nor computer bots therefore they won’t hurt your video or channel.

Mediageneous YouTube likes pricing.

Our youtube likes prices are the best in market. We try as much as possible to provide you with the best quality likes and at the same time maintain lowest prices possible.

You can buy from as low as $7 for 50 likes. We have many plans from $11 all the way to $5,299 for 100,000 likesClick here to view all our likes plans and prices.

More services from mediageneous.

Other than likes you can buy more youtube services like

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You can also buy Twitter services from mediageneous.

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For website owners you can buy visitors for your website.

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Is buying YouTube likes okay?

Many wonder if when you buy YouTube likes is wrong or right. Many think that purchasing YouTube comments is illegal and a wrong thing to do. The answer is if you buy FAKE likes, that is BOTS/COMPUTER generated likes IT IS WRONG AND ILLEGIT. Buying such will only get your channel shut down by YouTube. Such likes will not help your channel because there will be no interaction with your content. Don’t buy such because they will ruin your channel.

Dangers of buying fake YouTube likes.

Currently there are so many websites online offering to sell you YouTube likes. The problem with this is that it is hard to know which websites actually sell good likes. Majority of these websites sell likes that are not from real people and therefore it is very important for you to be very careful. We will make a list of trustworthy websites that provide you with good real YouTube video likes. For now you can trust mediageneous to deliver you the best quality video likes.

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What fake likes will do to your YouTube channel?

When you buy fakes this is what happens. Your video appears to be having thousands of likes but with almost no views. This looks so fishy to everyone looking at your videos. Worst of all is to the YouTube algorithm because this makes your video to be flagged for malpractice. YouTube algorithm will highlight your channel to be involved in activities that YouTube disapproves. This might eventually lead to your channel being shut down. Be careful not to purchase such likes because here at mediageneous we want the best for your YouTube career.

How to grow your YouTube channel.

These days YouTube has become a good opportunity to earn money online. YouTube has become a full-time  employment for so many people. Many You-tubers dedicate their full time to creating good content. People who get millions of views make real good amount of money from YouTube and because of this almost everyone is getting into YouTube.

With all this in mind you realize that its very important for you to outshine everyone. You need to be making great content. Your content needs to be interesting enough to your viewers that they will engage with your content. Make your content so good that every viewer will  feel obliged to like it and leave a comment. You can always remind your viewers to like your content and comment. Most people don’t like your video not because its not good enough but because they forget to like. so always remind them to like and comment at the end of your video. Don’t buy likes and not make great content. It will be a waste of your money and time. If you want to succeed you need to go all in not only to purchase likes but also make excellent content.

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From mediageneous we wish you all the best ion your YouTube journey.

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