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The need to buy website visitors.

The struggle is real. Those who have ever owned a website and tried to rank it know what i am talking about. No matter how good quality blogs you are writing it still takes months and months for you to rank for those keywords. It takes time for google to actually rank your website for those keywords especially if your website is new or is not ranking high for any other keywords. Nobody wants to wait for years for their business to grow and start having visitors. That’s why we made it convenient f or you to buy website visitors for your websites to grow faster.

Where to purchase website visitors.

Mediageneous is a marketing company that is dedicated to helping aspiring people grow their social media accounts as well as website owners. That’s not all but also businesses can buy ads for their products to be promoted on mediageneous vast audience around the world. Mediageneous prides in the quality of its services and will do anything to keep being the best service provider when it comes to  these kinda services. This makes mediageneous the ultimate company to buy website visitors to help you grow your business or business or company.

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Website visitors.

What google considers to rank a website for specific keywords.

For a website to rank on google for specific keywords there are a number of factors that google considers. bellow is a list of just a few of them.

  1. On page SEO.

    This is the using of the correct keywords on the pages and placing them at strategic locations on the page that google understands as the main function of the page. This tells google that you want this page to rank for those specific keywords. Also make sure to avoid problems like keyword stuffing that will make google consider your page as not fit to rank for those keywords. Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of the keyword on the page that is beyond the required limit for your text length. If your webpages are well optimized for keywords you deserve good traffic and you can get that when you buy website visitors from mediageneous.

  2. Posts.

    These are articles that you write on your posts section of your website to build links for your website as well as to rank for certain keywords. These posts need to be relevant to your target keywords and should have good internal linking as well as outbound linking. Don’t make a mistake of buying cheap articles to post on your blog. do not make the common mistake many do of spinning content. Don’t make the mistake of paying some auto-posting tools. We have experimented with all this and realized that google will not rank your website for such content. Google wants high quality human written rich content. If write good articles well optimized for keywords you deserve good traffic and you can get that when you buy website visitors from mediageneous.

  3. Back-links.

    Back-links are the links from other domains linking to your website. Don’t make the mistake of buying back links. Google strictly discourages that and they take manual actions against websites that buy back links. Back-links are very hard to get. Its one of the hardest things to achieve i the world of search engine ranking. On the positive side is that these back links are very well rewarding because google values them so much and ranks very high websites with many back links. You might be wondering how you get back-links. You get good back-links by making great content that other bloggers will want to link to. With that in mind, how are you going to get these back-links if no one is visiting your website? This brings the need to buy website visitors to make sure that people are seeing your website.

  4. Internal linking and internal website structure.

    This refers to how your websites internal links are designed. For example your homepage should have the most links linking to it because it is the most important page of your website. Other target pages also needs to be having many links linking to them. This is to show the search engine that these pages are more important than the rest. Also internal linking means the way you link to different articles on your website that are related or have similar ideas.  If you purchase website visitors from mediageneous and combine that with good internal linking your website should start ranking.

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That’s not all about the factors that google considers to rank a website. We will make another article that talks about these factors in full and in deeps details.

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