Buy Display Ads for your website

Display your advertisements to millions of potential customers. Mediageneous has a wide range of websites affiliated with our advertising that you can display your ads for people from allover the world to see. We offer targeted advertising that will make sure that only the right people see your advertisements. You will also have live tracking of your ads views. You will see live who is clicking on your advertisement form which country and location and much more tracking like the amount of time spent by the visitor on your website. We offer the usual ad formats that are discussed bellow

Text ads

This is a written ad similar to the text ads displayed along search results on search engines. For this advertisement you write what you want your advertisement to be talking about, then we will display it at the right place and audience on our websites. The text is linked to the advertisers target website/destination. The best advantage of this kind of display ad format is that you can use Keywords in your advertisement. If you know anything about keywords is that they are very important. You can read more about keywords and their importance in website ranking here.

Image ads

These types of ads contain an image that is meant to catch the website visitor’s attention by using captive graphics and text. These advertisements are meant to send the website visitors to the advertisers website. The image is linked to the advertisers website.

Rich media ads

This display advertisement format contains images and or text and or video/s and involves some kind of user interaction. This means that the website visitors can interact with the advertisement in some way. The advertisement can expand, float peel and much more depending on the user interaction like the position of the cursor. We will provide you with analytics data for the user involvement with your rich media ad

Video ads

For this advertisement you get to make a video for your advertisement and we will show it to the audience. The video should provide detailed and fully informative information about what you are promoting. Always remember to start the video with the most important information because the audience attention decreases with time.

Dynamic remarketing ads

These are advertisements that are more personal and targeted to a certain individual rather than a general display for everyone. This targeting is based on the information gathered from your prior use of internet. Maybe the kind of pages and products that you visited earlier of an internet profile built around you. The information can be collected based on your public IP address or your browser cookies for the same website prior use or most preferably a registered account like in the google’s case Gmail. Despite of the privacy problems, these advertisements are the most effective types of ads.

Native ads

These are ads that adjust their size automatically with the website display size. They adapt to the screens display dimensions to fit best on the website they appear. They adapt to look like they are a part of the website. You get to design the way you want your advertisement to appear and we will get it to your target audience. These ads are more effective that the other regular advertisements.

Other types of Mediageneous advertisements

Other than the display advertisements we offer our customers other types of advertisements. Some are original by mediageneous like the one bellow.

Iframe ads

Visit buy website visitors to read more about this. This type of advertising for websites is a mediageneous original advertisement format for websites. What we do is we take the web page or the entire website that you want to promote and display it to our visitors. This way the visitors can be able to interact with your webpage or website as if they were on your own website domain. The visitors also have the option to open the website on your own domain.

Ads views.

This is mainly meant to make the people see your advertisements and pay attention to them. You make your usual advertisements then submit it to us and we will make the target audience see the advertisement and pay attention to it. We use questions to make sure that the viewers are actually paying attention to your advertisement. Visit buy ads views to learn more about how it works.