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  • $5

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With as low as $3 US you can get yourself mediageneous LinkedIn endorsements. With less than ten dollars you can get yourself real human LinkedIn endorsements of the highest quality on the planet. Mediageneous holds the reputation of providing the best quality LinkedIn endorsements in the world. All our endorsements are real people who see your LinkedIn account from allover the world and follow it because they identify with the kind of content that you are posting. Despite our highest quality we have always managed to provide the endorsements at a very affordable price. Remember like we mentioned above, we are here to help all those aspiring dreamers achieve their dreams. We are not doing this to make large profits and get rich. No! Our aim is to give a chance to those startups and small businesses that don’t have the millions of dollars to spend on advertisements. We advise anyone buying or thinking of buying LinkedIn endorsements to make sure that they buy only real endorsements no fake endorsements (that is for those who are not buying from mediageneous). Buying fake endorsements will do you more harm than good.

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How to get linkedin endorsements.

There are so many ways of getting linkedin endorsements but we are going to categorize them into two main categories.
  1. Get linkedin endorsements organically.
  2. Buy the linkedin endorsements.

Get the LinkedIn endorsements organically.

Like any other social media account, you know that getting LinkedIn endorsements is not that easy or quick. Unless you are a celebrity, it takes time and efforts to get your account recognized and increase your endorsements. The reason is that first getting your account noticed is not easy. For a new account its not easy to get traffic to your account. Once you start getting traffic to your account, the ratio of the people seeing your posts and those following you is very low. Out of the many people who see your account only a few will actually follow. This is because most people don’t remember to follow or just one nice post is not enough to make someone follow you. Therefore you can start by reminding the people or asking them to follow you. Secondly you need to have rich content on your account. If you are an engineer then make sure that your circle is full of engineers and engineering-rich content. Make endorsements with other engineers and talk about engineering stuff and if you are posting any jobs or looking for a job let it be related to engineering. This will make the other engineers seeing your account realize that you are a serious person and you have a lot of benefits to offer them. They will have lot of interest to follow you and keep updated with what you post next. Other than good content, you need to market your account enough for many people to know about it. You can even buy linkedin ads for your account to make it known by more people.


Get the linkedin endorsements easily by buying.

You can also get LinkedIn endorsements by buying. This is quick and easy. All you need is a few amount of money and a good LinkedIn endorsements seller like mediageneous. To buy your mediageneous LinkedIn endorsements just choose any package of endorsements that you want listed above. If you want more packages click on the see more button and go to the full list. After you choose the endorsements package that you want click on the buy now button. You will be taken to another page where you can see all the LinkedIn services that we offer in case you want to add other services. You will be required to put your LinkedIn user id and your username for identification. Then you will be required to choose the number of LinkedIn endorsements you want if you haven’t chosen yet. After all that click the order now button and proceed to your cart. Confirm everything is fine and then proceed to checkout. On the checkout page login to your mediageneous account if you are a returning customer. If you are a new customer just proceed as guest checkout and fill out your name, email and referrer if you were referred to make that purchase by somebody. Then proceed to payment. Complete your payment through PayPal that is very easy and safe to use. And that’s it.You have bought yourself the most valuable LinkedIn endorsements that can be found anywhere on the planet. Once we receive your purchase we will start promoting your LinkedIn account right away. You should start seeing results on your account immediately.


Why buy linkedin endorsements?

Quick success.

Don’t want to waste years trying to grow your linkedin endorsements? just buy mediageneous linkedin endorsements.

Head start.

Have you started a new linkedin account but nobody is connecting with you? Just buy the endorsements.

More sales.

Is your account a business/company account and have little to no visitors hence no sales? Worry no more and just buy mediageneous linkedin endorsements.

More publicity.

Purchasing the endorsements makes more people see your account and thus marketing your page/business/company or the products you are selling.

Better linkedin ranking.

The more endorsements your account has the more linkedin algorithm will promote your account and the better rankings.

Organic growth.

People tend to follow those accounts with more endorsements. The more publicity you get the more the organic endorsements you get.

Is it legit to buy linkedin endorsements?

When you buy real linkedin endorsements then it is safe and legal. There is no problem with promoting your account by buying endorsements. Just make sure that they are real people and not BOTs.
If you buy fake linkedin endorsements then that makes it illegit. Or in other words you can say it’s bad because that would be going against linkedin terms and policies. Of course no company wants their servers and systems to be overworked by BOTs.

Good linkedin endorsements providers.

These are the linkedin endorsements providers that get you good real people endorsements. Their endorsements are of high quality.

How to know good linkedin endorsements sellers.

Realistic endorsements.

The endorsements that you get should be real and having real profiles that are active. These endorsements come from regular linkedin users that have good accounts.

Active endorsements.

All the endorsements should be coming from linkedin accounts that are active. This means that the accounts are constantly updated.

Good quality guarantee.

The endorsements sellers should promise you that the endorsements they are selling you are good enough. They should promise that the endorsements they sell to you do not pose any threat to your account.

Money-back guarantee.

If the seller cant meet your endorsements needs, the seller should be in a position to return back your money.

Normal prices.

Good sellers usually have prices that are realistic for the endorsements. Very high prices would indicate that the seller wants to exploit you while very low prices would mean that the seller is most likely to be selling fake endorsements.

Early delivery.

The endorsements should start coming as soon as you buy them. You shouldn’t have to wait for weeks before getting your endorsements.

Gradual continuous delivery.

The endorsements should come in a continuous gradual manner. Not a quick short lump then stop.

endorsements source.

Good endorsements can only be real people. No two ways about it. These endorsements should be active.


Fake linkedin endorsements providers.

These are the linkedin endorsements providers that give you endorsements that are not good for your account. These are either from robots or fake accounts or inactive accounts.

How to know fake linkedin endorsements sellers.

Unrealistic endorsements.

These endorsements come from very suspicious linkedin accounts. In most cases these are accounts created by robots and automated to do such activities like mass endorsements.

Inactive endorsements.

endorsements from linkedin accounts that are never updated are fake. These kind of accounts have never been posted anything for years.

No quality guarantee.

Sellers who do not guarantee you that they are selling to you good good quality endorsements are bad for you. Never buy such linkedin endorsements.

No Money-back guarantee.

Bad endorsements sellers do not guarantee to return your money if they are unable to fulfill your purchase. You should therefore avoid them.

Very low prices.

Like i have mentioned before. Providing these services doesn’t come easy and cheap. So any company selling you thousands of endorsements for a dollar is most likely to be selling you fake endorsements.

Late delivery.

The endorsements should come early for your initial boost. Something that some fake sellers might be unable to do.

Instantaneous junk delivery.

Bad sellers deliver your endorsements in one large junk and then stop suddenly. This is a common characteristic of automated systems like BOTs.

endorsements source.

Bad sellers provide you with computer generated endorsements. Similarly they might provide you with endorsements that come from click farms.


Why buy linkedin endorsements from mediageneous?

There almost countless reasons why you should buy linkedin endorsements from mediageneous. Here are a few reasons why mediageneous should be your number one linkedin endorsements provider.
  1. All our linkedin endorsements are real. They all come from real human beings not robots.
  2. Our linkedin endorsements come from allover the world. You will not see clustered locations of our linkedin endorsements sources. They are evenly distributed around the world.
  3. We do not use, own nor affiliate with any click farms. Mediageneous doesn’t have people sitting in some rooms being underpaid to continuously click on your linkedin account.
  4. We do not use BOTs nor any computer programs to manufacture your linkedin endorsements. All our linkedin endorsements come from real people who see your account on their devices all around the world.
  5. Easy, safe and convenient payment method. We use PayPal to process all our transactions. That means all your credit/debit cards and bank accounts are safe when buying from us.
  6. Best prices ever. Our prices, though not the cheapest, are the best prices in the market for the level of quality linkedin endorsements that we sell to you. We choose quality over money. We are not ready to sell you fake linkedin endorsements at a low price just to make you pay less. Its better to pay the extra cost and get a good quality service.
  7. We respect your privacy when you buy linkedin endorsements from us. We do our best to keep your personal identity hidden from anyone who shouldn’t know.
  8. Money-back guarantee. If mediageneous fails to complete your purchase for any reason we are going to refund back your money

What makes mediageneous legit unlike other similar companies?

There is a very thin line between legal/moral/ethical and illegal/immoral/unethical when it comes to selling and buying of services like youtube views, likes, comments, subscribers, Twitter services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, instagram services, facebook services and more. Yet Mediageneous still remains a very ethical and legal company involved in very moral activities. Why so? Why is Mediageneous on the right side of matters when compared with other similar companies involved in similar activities. Well bellow are a few reasons why.

  1. NO SPAMMING POLICY. Unlike other companies, Mediageneous does not encourage spamming. When money is involved with things like social media likes, comments, followers/subscribers and retweets, the question of spamming always arises. Mediageneous has gone a step ahead to make sure that this never happens with our business model. Each visitor on Mediageneous services is only allowed to view/like/comment/follow/subscribe/..more ONLY ONCE. Nobody can do such activities repeatedly. That's not the only way we prevent spamming. In addition, we have so many tactics and terms & conditions to prevent the users from getting involved in such activities.
  2. NO REPETITION. Our systems are designed to determine the activities of each user on our platforms and make sure that they are not repeatedly doing the same activities. We monitor each and every account's activities plus their IP address to prevent repetition in disguise. For example, one user commenting on the same video 20 times. Our systems automatically removes the video when someone comments once.
  3. REAL PEOPLE. We have advanced systems to make sure that only real people register on our platform and only real humans can login and use our systems. We have employed the use of re-captcha as well as we made our systems very complex for the robots to use. Only a person can be able to do the various activities on our systems. We have more complex algorithms to determine the activities of the user on our platform to make it easy to detect and stop BOTs from accessing our systems. We also monitor IP addresses of the devices accessing our systems to weed out robots.
  4. NO INACTIVE ACCOUNTS. Mediageneous makes sure that the people participating in the various activities on our platforms use their real active social media accounts. We are aware that some people might try to use fake or inactive social media accounts and that's why we have a team of workers at Mediageneous to check the kind of accounts people are using on Mediageneous.
  5. NO AUTOMATION. We have made sure that our services cannot be automated by any artificial means. We have made it impossible for a computer program to be used to replicate the actions of a human on our platform.
  6. WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. Our website is accessible in almost every country. We have allowed access to ip addresses from everywhere in the world.
  7. UNIQUE LOGGED IN USERS. In order to participate in any activity on our platform you must be logged in with your social media account for that respective social media activity. For example if its commenting on twitter, you must be logged in with twitter account. This way its easier to regulate the activities on the users on our platforms and at the same time make sure that we are adhering with the social media regulations. You as a customer, you are able to receive real unique visitors/users.
  8. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. We do not allow users to register multiple accounts. We also don't allow users to use multiple social media accounts. Think of it this way. You want 200 youtube likes then someone with 15 accounts logs in with those accounts and likes with each of them. That's not only bad for you but it would also be violating youtube policies.
  9. WATCH FIRST POLICY. This our own policy that makes sure that the users actually interact with your content. We make sure that for a user to like/comment on your video, they must watch it first. Otherwise how can they comment/like a video that they don't know what it is about.
  10. NO SHORT IRRELEVANT COMMENTS. This for the comments service. We make sure that the users give relevant comments. Comments that depict your video/post content. Comments that are long enough and not one or two words comments
  11. NO CLICK FARMS. Mediageneous does not own, operate nor affiliate with any click farm whatsoever. We respect the policies and regulations of the various social media platforms(youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) that we work with. Using click farms services would be against their terms and policies. Similarly it would be wrong to provide services that come from click farms to our customers.
  12. FOLLOW RESPECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES. We try as much as we can to follow and respect the terms and policies of the various social media platforms that we work with. We make sure that our users adhere with the social media regulations by making our systems more restrictive.


  • Instant start and delivery within the first hour of purchase.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 100% safe content promotion techniques.
  • You can select your own views duration, our minimum duration is one minute and you can increase the time up to 30 minutes.
  • 100% real results from real people.
  • Social media promotion to increase your outreach.


We have a wide range of websites that attracts millions of visitors every month and that's where we get some of the views / likes you bought then to bring some balance and make your content reach more people, we give your link to the many of our team members with tons of followers on social media where you get the social media outreach and most important of all we supply your link to our SEO experts to make your video move up in searches.


  • No bots as mentioned above we don't sell fake computer generated results.
  • No click farms as mentioned above we don't have any click farms nor have we employed any.our results comes from real people watching from all over the world.
  • By using our services you are guaranteed growth of your Channels / Accounts / Website.
  • You are entitled to continuous natural growth even after you are done using our services.
  • We use safe marketing methods across all our services from real people BOTS FREE.
  • PayPal Accepted. This is the world most secure way of making online payments and thus we want your transactions to be safe.
  • Experienced service provider.
  • We have been in this business for 7 years and we are quite experienced.
  • Best Prices Ever. We offer the most affordable prices possible. Our aim is always to provide you with the best quality services at low prices.
  • Secrecy - We won't share your information with anyone
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • All major Credit Cards & Debit Cards accepted